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Welcome to the 2022-2023 LLD Season!

2023 - 2024 LLD Registration

Due to unforeseen circumstances, LLD registration will be put on hold until further notice. We will have details next week as to when registration will open.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Questions & Answers

Team Divisions
Q: How many divisions are there for children to play in?
A: There are 4 divisions: Mini-Minors, Minors, Juniors, & Majors
Q: When will I know which division my child will play in?
A: While registering your child in our online system, you will be notified of their division, prior to check-out. 
Q: How do children get placed in the right division?
A: Our registration system places your child in a division based on rules regulated by our National Headquarters and determined by their birthdate. 
Q: What age group is each division?
A: Mini-Minors (5-6), Minors (7-8), Juniors (9-10) and Majors (11-12).
Q: Why is it that some children that are in the same grade as my child are playing in a different division?
A: Placement in each division is not based on their school grade. It is based on your child's birthdate.  
Q: Why is it that some children who are the same age are playing in different divisions? 
A: For the purpose of determining which division your child will play in, we look to see how old your child will be between the months of August 1, 2022 - to August 1, 2023 -
Your child's birthday is February 11, 2016. As of Aug. 1, 2022 they are 6 years old; however, during the season (Aug. 1st - Aug. 1st) your child will turn 7 years old. This means they will be placed in the Minor division (7-8), NOT the Mini-Minors (5-6).
Q: The registration system placed my child in the Junior division, but I feel my child should have been placed in the Minor division because it is their first time to play. Can I move them to the lower division?
A: No. National Little Dribblers rules does not allow a child to play "down" a division. 
Q: My child is a really good basketball player and I want them to play in a higher division. Can I move them to a different division? 
A: Children who are supposed to be in a lower division, may play "up" in a higher division; however, this must be done prior to rostering teams. Also, please keep in mind that although your child may be an advanced player, you must also factor in the risk of them playing with children who may be bigger and stronger. 
Q: Do you have a different division for children who are too old to play in the regular divisions?
A: Based on a number of factors, we are sometimes able to offer a Senior Division. This division is for children who will turn 13 or 14 during the season (Aug. 1st - Aug. 1st). If we are able to offer a Senior division, their registration sign- up is generally in January.
Q: What nights will my children have practice?
A: This is determined by which day of the week your child's coach was able to select for a practice. 
Q: Where are practices held?
A: Practice will always be held at a Lumberton ISD gymnasium. Coaches are not allowed to hold an official practice at their home or another location outside of LISD.  All LISD gyms are equipped with 24-hour surveillance and can be referenced if an issue arises. This rule is in place to protect the children and the coaches. 
Q: My child has soccer practice on the same night/time as basketball practice. Can my child's basketball coach hold practice on a different night of the week?
A: Our available gym space and times to hold practice are very limited. A coach cannot switch practice days/times once selected; however, your child's coach may be able to combine with another team on a different night of the week (when available) and hold a scrimmage in lieu of a practice. Also, your child may have to alternate which practices they go to. 
Background Checks
Q: Do LLD coaches have their background checked before being allowed to coach?
A: Yes. All coaches are required to complete a background check prior to drafting a team. Our background checks go from the Federal level all the way down to the County level.  We also discourage a coach from being alone with a child at any time and always recommend they are in sight of other adults when talking with a child. 
Q: Can parents help the coach run a practice if he or she needs assistance?
A: Only if you have completed a background check through our system and it has been cleared.